Boosting Children’s Memory Skills – Similac Gain IQ

As there are many ways to teach, not every child learns the same way. It all depends on the nature of themselves and the nurture of the environment. For the nurture aspect, nutrition for the brain has an important role in improving memory retention. Today we will explore a child learning style and how you as a parent can provide support with both nurture and nutrition (eg. Similac Gain IQ) to improve their memory skills.1


Visual Learning: Teach with shapes, colors, and compositions

If you have ever wondered why many popular children’s cartoons are always wild with extreme shapes and comical shapes, it is because they have lasting impressions. Children recall things better with more details from pictures than through verbal reminders. If you showed your child a photo of a tiger, they would remember it more versus if you had only just verbally described it.1


Keep it simple and have patience explaining

Children may choose not to participate if they feel it is too difficult to understand. Unless there is an incentive, they will not be motivated. Simplicity is best in their early years. It is all about interaction and while you teach, share their excitement. When they are happy, they may even share their experiences with their friends and it is a given that the more sociable and confident a child is, the better they are motivated to learn.1


Write it down, the next step

To keep track of what works and what needs improvement, keep a record of it. This is not only for the parent, but for the child too. Some children will most likely recall facts and figures if their literacy is exercised at the same time. Even for adults, writing things down helps us put our thoughts into order and have a better recall.1


Don’t Forget about Nutrition

For brain nutrients, Omega-3 Fatty Acid and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) are key. Both benefit a child’s cognitive function by increasing blood flow during mental challenges. Found in most fish, nuts, and natural oils, make sure to include a variety of them in your child’s diet. Natural Vitamin E works together with Lutein (a nutrient that reduces inflammation) to protect DHA from breaking down too quickly. Both are found in many dark green leafy vegetables, eggs, and some fruits, keeping your child’s food colorful will have its benefits.2, 3


Cultivate learning styles and anticipate changes as they experience new things. Sourcing the best quality nutrients is a priority, but getting your child to eat it is another level of difficulty. Similac Gain IQ is growing up milk for 2 years and above children. Nutrients contained in Similac Gain IQ are 2’-FL HMO & Nucleotides which can support immunity4 and 10 Key Brain Nutrients for faster learning3, 5. A unique combination of Lutein, DHA & RRR Natural Vitamin E, Protein, Calcium, Vitamin K and D supports learning ability while keeping bone and teeth strong. With no palm oil in the formulation, a unique blend of vegetable fat is used for better nutrient delivery and absorption while going easy on the tummy for softer stool.6, 7

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