For every mom, it’s always a top priority to make sure your little one is protected against sickness. But since your child’s immune system is still developing, she may be prone to catching illnesses.

Abbott Nutrition understands you! Abbott has discovered how HMO, a natural prebiotic, can help boost your child’s immunity significantly


HMO is a unique, non‐digestible, immune nourishing ingredient which serves as food for good bacteria in the digestive tract. Because 70% of the immune system is found in the digestive system, feeding good bacteria not only keeps your kid’s tummy healthy, but also gives her an immunity boost7!

More than its prebiotic effects, HMO also acts as a receptor decoy that prevents pathogens from attaching to your child’s digestive tract. Think of it as a clone that imitates the sugar in the cell surfaces of the tummy which infectious bacteria latch on. The bacteria get attracted to the HMO and attaches itself, not knowing that it is not the real thing. As a result, the bacteria will no longer be able to infect your child8.

Still wondering how HMO works? Read more about it here


Studies show that good digestive health provides several health benefits to your growing child. It can:

  • Help reduce the risk of gastrointestinal and respiratory infection9
  • Lessen gassiness, diarrhea, and constipation9
  • Improve your little one’s mood9


Abbott is the first in the world to introduce HMO in the formula10, with 2’FL HMO ‐ a special ingredient that supports the development of a strong immune system now available in Similac Gain IQ.

Now you can worry less about your kid becoming sickly and focus more on her faster learning. For better tummy health and stronger immunity, give your child Similac Gain IQ.

Only Similac Gain IQ has the powerful combination of Natural Vitamin E, DHA and Lutein that helps meet your child’s nutritional needs to enable faster brain connections, so she can learn faster.

for memory retention for vision and cognition for brain development and cognition for cognitive stability, motor development and memory formation for signaling in the nervous system for brain development for proper functioning of brain, motor development and memory formation

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