How self-confidence can help kids learn better

Healthily, the more confident a child is about something, it can greatly improve their memory skills. When they have confidence in their ability to remember things, they are known to excel in academia, compared to other children with lack self-confidence. Low self-esteem in children may lead to short-term memory difficulties, and induce state of nervousness and anxiety. They would either act out disproportionately to a difficult situation, or may not even speak out at all.

So it’s important that you try your best every now and then to boost your children’s confidence. Their little fresh brains are always curious so start instilling a healthy form of confidence to prepare them for the future.

Just like for adults, Positivity matters!

Encourage and praise your child, when appropriate, when he or she makes an effort to remember what they have learnt. Appropriate positive reinforcement always helps so do not, if you can, obsess over their forgetfulness, or judge them harshly on their competency. Just like in adults, providing constructive criticism with appropriate wording is better than bringing them down for being wrong.

Instilling organization

As an adult, we always find it hard to stay organized so how will a very active child’s mind stay on track? For their benefit later in life, especially school, be it organizing their pencil case, or clothes in their closet, teaching them organizational skills will help greatly. Color coding notes, books and notebooks kept in different shelf space, and down to even keeping different writing utensils for different subjects, will first of all, stop them from making a mess or losing things.

Coping with stress

If you yourself deal with stress in a non positive way, you child may take after you whether you like it or not. For that reason, try not to display that behaviour often in front of them and show them alternative ways to cope with stress and anger caused by not remembering things. Stress and inappropriate emotions resulting from stress can sometimes hamper their confidence, as well as their memory and learning skills.


If you do not like this type of overconfidence in an adult, it should be corrected in a child too. Make sure that your child doesn’t become over-confident about what he remembers because it can cause conflicts with other children and stress. If they are overly confident in what they believe to be true, once they are belittled into feeling wrong about that fact, it can seriously cause discouragement in your child.