1. Manage mealtimes.
  • Establish set meal and snack times for your child.

  • Provide 3 meals and an afternoon snack 3 to 4 hours apart.

  • Don’t allow snacks, juice or milk between regular meals and snack times.

  • Give only water between meals.

2. Learn to understand your child’s hunger signals.
  • Serve very small portions repeatedly.

  • Offer a new helping as soon as the previous one is consumed.

  • Limit meal durations to 20-30 minutes.

3. Select the right food.
  • Offer only food that your child accepts without protest.

  • Eat new food in the presence of your child without offering any; provide a taste only at your child’s request and stay neutral about his/her reaction to the food.

4. Create the “Family Table”.
  • Have meals with the entire family together as soon as the child begins feeding on solid food.

5.Supplement your child’s diet with PediaSure Plus.
  • Not only does it provide complete, balanced nutrition, it also contains Triple Protein Complex that will help secure your child’s growth and development.