My child acting up: Top 3 Tolerance Issues

It can be quite the challenge when your child refuses to cooperate with you when it comes to food. They may have gas issues, constipation, and maybe even a protein intolerance, all quite distressing. Unless the discomfort is a medical issue, here are top 3 tolerance issues and their treatment mainly through foods and supporting growing up milks (eg. Similac Total Comfort Stage 3).1, 7


They are Constipated

A child who is constipated, especially if they are very young, will not know what constipation is, but will complain about tummy pain. Other signs are refusing to eat, or generally be irritable and clutching their abdominal area. Constipation can be caused by holding bowels too long, not drinking enough water, and not enough fiber in their diet.1, 2 Fiber helps things move along in the intestines, so make sure that they eat plenty of fruits, drink fruit juice with pulp, whole grains and vegetables.4

Excessive Flatulence

Burping and passing gas may seem cute from a child, but a bit worrisome when it happens too often, or it is accompanied by complaints of pain and a hard abdominal area. Excessive flatulence can be caused by the inability to digest certain foods properly like lactose, high sodium packaged foods, high fat fast foods or eating too much fiber without proper hydration.1, 3

Unless the symptoms are of serious concern, food items like pineapples and papayas have enzymes to help break down hard to digest proteins from other foods. If it is just a lactose problem, you can always try 98% lactose free growing up milk alternatives like Similac Total comfort stage 3.3, 4

Protein sensitivity

Protein (milk protein) sensitivity is called Colic and if your child has it, it is accompanied by excessive crying, diarrhea, rashes, and sleeping problems after consumption of suspected items. This is more common in very young children and happens more often at night. Those symptoms are also similar to what happens if your child has Tummy issue.5, 6


For example, Similac Total Comfort Stage 3 has easy to digest formula which has partially hydrolysis proteins, prebiotics, vitamins, and minerals for children who experience constipation, flatulence, and crying due to lactose intolerance. The TummiCareTM Nutritional System contains prebiotics (FOS), partially hydrolyzed 100% whey protein, very low lactose, and unique vegetable fat blend for digestive comfort.8, 9 While the 2’‐FL HMO & Nucleotides blend helps enhances resistance, it also contains Vitamin A, B12, C, D, folic acid, iron, selenium and zinc provide additional help to a developing immune system.10 Similac Total Comfort is also formulated with No Palm Oil11 for better nutrient absorption and softer stool, it is a growing up milk with a gentle touch.

To see if Similac Total Comfort Stage 3 is right for your child, please visit Similac Myanmar today to sign up for samples.7,12