Self Care for Mothers

For a mother, the health of her child takes priority over anything else in her life, but stress can lead to high blood pressure, migraines, and more likely to give in to unhealthy habits (eg. excessive caffeine consumption, binge eating, projections). Self-care through rest, nurturing a pain free back, and keeping a healthy diet with food and maternal milk when needed (eg. Similac MUM) are simple fixes that can help ease pressure of motherhood.1, 6

Importance of Resting

In some cultures, a mother wishing to take a break is frowned upon, but it should be encouraged. Stress, besides affecting mental health, can cause high blood pressures, migraines, and make a mother prone to picking up unhealthy vices. Vices like excessive caffeine consumption or binge eating can affect pregnancy and lactating conditions. Rest does not have to be going to a spa, having a girl’s night out or even taking a vacation. All in the comfort of your home, lying down on the sofa, watching your favorite TV show, or listening to a playlist while working are all forms of resting.1, 2

Take Care of that Back Pain

Your back consists of many muscles, nerves, and bones responsible for posture and mobility. Prolonged pain can have permanent damage if not taken care of. While doing chores, it is important to check your posture from time to time and avoid lifting heavy items if you have back pain. Since a mother may be gaining some weight during pregnancy, back pain will be common. If the pain is persistent, it is best to visit a medical professional for treatment options. Normally, you can treat back pain with term appropriate stretches, exercises, and hot compresses.1

Why Eating Well is Key

Since food is fuel for life, why not load up with nutrient dense items? Eating regular meals and satiating items will less likely make you binge and maintain consistent energy throughout the day. Snack on bite sized fruits and veggies instead of going for highly processed foods that are high in calories, but low in nutrients.1, 3 Take note to have plenty of folic acid (leafy greens, citrus, beans) to promote red & white blood cell production and Vitamin D (fortified foods, salmon, sunlight) to help the body absorb calcium for bone and teeth health. Also include a healthy serving of wholegrains and lean proteins for satiation and good carbohydrates to help regulate blood sugar and control weight.3, 4

Many moms feel anxious and guilty for taking some time for themselves as they believe family comes before their needs. Even if all you do still does not feel enough, especially in the nutrition department, Similac MUM, a scientifically formulated maternal nutritious milk, can help fill in without causing excessive weight gain.8 Included in its formulation of 27 essential vitamins and minerals, Similac MUM has a unique combination of prebiotics (scFOS, for bowel regularity), Zinc, Vitamin C, D (to support calcium absorption), E, and Selenium to support the immune system and bone health. Self-care for mothers is important, so rest up, eat healthy, and take care of any aches and pains.

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