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Your access to must comply with these requirements. And the following conditions which may be revised by Abbott from time to time Without notifying you of accessing or using this website You acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to comply with these terms. And these conditions which may be modified from time to time Including various specifications Abbott’s privacy policy, which is included with the terms and conditions Therefore You are responsible for reviewing the terms. And these conditions from time to time to be aware of any changes that may occur. Your use of this website after Abbott announces To change of specifications And various conditions Regarded as accepting those changes if you Do not agree with the terms And these conditions (which may be modified from time to time or dissatisfied with this website For you to terminate the use of this website)

This privacy policy is defined as How personal information

You acknowledge and agree that

  • On this website Abbott does not guarantee accuracy. Efficiency And the suitability of any information contained on this website These data were presented. “As is” and may include Technical inaccuracy Abbott Laboratory reserves the right to add, delete or edit information at any time without prior notice.Abbott Laboratories is not responsible for Or any reasons whatsoever Or any characteristics
  • Related information Or content that has been posted on this website So Abbott Labory denied responsibility for the comment. And various warranties Whether in words Or implying or obeying laws, contracts, or others, including without limitation any warranties ofsale, suitability for a particular purpose, ownership, non-infringement Whatever the case may be, Abbott is not responsible for all types or damages of any kind. Including without amages limitations which occur directly, indirectly, special consequence (Including loss of profits) or incidental damages arising from Or related to existence Or using the website Internet and / or data Or content posted on this website Regardless, Abbott Labs will be advised of potential damages
  • Abbott is not responsible and does not guarantee all accuracy. Efficiency Time suitability And data suitability Or any content From third parties Including various hyperlinks or from third party websites Except as provided on this website, Abbott Laboratories will not edit, censor, or control the content provided by third parties. Or on bulletin boards, chat rooms, or which display various opinions Similar to those posted on this website Therefore, such information must be considered suspicious and not endorsed by Abbott.
  • This website may contain forward-looking statements that reflect Abbott’s expectations regarding future events. And business development Forward-looking statements relate to risks and uncertainties, developments or actual results. May differ from the content planned And depends on many factors Including, but not limited to, the success of the current research project. Results from clinical trials that are still awaiting results Continuously distributing various products Side approval Pharmaceutical regulations Accuracy and patent enforcement The stability of trade relations and economic status Abbott is generally not in a condition Commitment to improving Up-to-date content, but with the intent to regularly update information on the website

Your use

You understand, acknowledge and consent as follows

  • By using this website You agree not to destroy Interrupting the electronic information provided on this website Or on any of Abbott’s servers, you also agree not to attempt to access the security of the website. And will comply with local, state, federal, and international laws and regulations
  • You give rights to Abbott uses all of the content that you upload. Or send to this website in accordance withvarious terms and conditions And Abbott’s privacy policy in all forms chosen by Abbott Including not limited to copying Display the practice or publish in any form whatsoever Integration with other content Or build on the basis of content
  • Unless clearly stated And as agreed in advance by Abbott Laboratories, whoever uses the website via the internet That has communicated via speech Written way Or electronically with Abbott Laboratories (for example, responding, asking questions, making comments, suggesting or suggesting ideas, etc.) if any of Abbott’s websites require or demand that information and that information Contains personally identifiable information (such as name, address, telephone number), Abbott will use and maintain it in accordance with Abbott’s privacy policy Therefore, that communication Or data obtained Submitted by that method Will be considered confidential And Abbott has the right to copy, publish, or use that information for any purpose, including without limitation for research, development, production, use or sale of the product. That is a part of that information The sender of any information for Abbott Is ully responsible for the content, including the truth And precision And non-infringement of ownership Or the privacy of anyone

Labeling products

If not stated otherwise The name of the product, the description and the labeling will be of US origin. Products may not be available in every country or may be available under different brands. Distinct features or indications of product differentiation in the list A prescription from a health care professional is required, unless clearly stated. And agreed in advance by Abbott Laboratories to prohibit Abbott Labourt’s representatives, trade representatives, subsidiaries and affiliates from entering Participate in medical advice, diagnosis, treatment Or other medical services Which may cause Medical relationship And patients through this website

intellectual property

Data, documents, and related graphics Who have signed on this website ( “Data”) is the property of Abbott Laboratories Herat Aris sole. Except for information provided by third parties under contracts with Abbott or its subsidiaries And affiliates Information can be approved if

(1) copyright notifications appear on all copies

(2) use data for informational purposes Personal only And not for commercial use.

(3) The information must not be modified in any way, and

(4) the use of the graphics contained on this website is not separate from the accompanying text. Abbott is not responsible for the content provided. By third parties and prohibiting you to distribute the content Without permission from the owner of the copyright holder in that matter, except as permitted above No license or rights are granted to anyone. Or under patent marks Abbott’s proprietary trade in any matter, whether by word Or comparable Do not make trademarks Trade name Commercial decorating equipment And any products On this website by Without permission Abbott’s Laboratory Except for those made to specify products Or the service of the company

If you believe that your work is imitated Via this website Causing copyright infringement, you can
notify Abbott By arranging the copyright administrator In writing as follows

  1. Centification of the copyrighted work you have confirmed is infringed.
  2. Identifying content that has been flagged for abuse And sufficient information In order to allow Abbott to search for that content
  3. Name, address, telephone number And your email
  4. The hearsay from you that you have a good intention that the disputes applied have been violated and not allowed.
  5. Under the penalty of perjury Explanation from you that the information above is accurate and that you are the copyright owner. Or authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner
  6. Electronic signature Or the actual signature of the copyright holder Or those of the person authorized To process copyright on behalf of the copyright owner In filing confirmation of copyright infringement

Please contact Abbott’s representative.

Abbott Laboratory Company Limited
(Abbott Care – Copyright Infringement)
PO Box 49
PO Box Makkasan

Privacy And safety

Abbott is committed to protecting your online privacy. We understand the importance of the privacy of our customers and visitors of our website. Our use of personally identifiable information is governed by Our privacy policy And entry And using our website By agreeing to the obligations of that policy

You acknowledge and agree that when you submit your personally identifiable information to while Abbott has put in place measures to protect your access to the system. Or obstructing without permission anyway Certain guarantees of safety cannot be made. In the unlikely event of access Or login without permission, despite our protection efforts, Abbott is not responsible for access Or login without permission Or damages that occur directly , indirectly, by special circumstances by accident or consequential damages (Including loss of profits) incurred to customers That occur to customers or users, even though Abbott has received a warning before About the possibility of the damages Abbott does not explicitly endorse Or comparable which information is provided by any customer Be safe from being interrupted or entered without permission And will not be endorsed by continued trading And appropriateness for a specific purpose. Each customer is responsible for maintaining their own password secret.

Limitations and responsibilities

Abbott is not responsible for the content, information, opinions contained or posted, or can be found via this website. Confidence in these content and opinions is at your own risk. Abbott denied. Liability for damages resulting from the use of this website Including the content in it

Abbott’s website Website content Including products And the various services available or available on this website are provided “As is” and “as can be” with all the faults In either case , Abbott or its subsidiaries Affiliates Distributor Or the director, employee, or representative of That agency (Henceforth known as Abbott’s Board) will not be responsible for any damages under any legal theory arising from Or related to use Or the inability to use this website Or content contained in Your website. Any services available on or available through this website. Or connected websites included Both indirect indirect special damage , accidental punishment as an example Or as a consequence, including not limited to Personal injury Loss of profits Or damages resulting from delays Stop the virus service , delete the files Or electronic communication Or any errors, omissions, or other inaccuracies On this website Or website content Regardless of Abbott’s neglect or not Regardless, Abbott will receive Warning of the p ssibility of damage Or not If some states do not allow limitation of responsibility, then this provision may not apply to you.

Be aware that additional legal notices, disclaimers, and various terms and conditions May be used with
this website and other websites Owned by Or operated by Abbott, its subsidiaries or affiliates

General specifications

You agree that the terms And various conditions These describe all agreements between us on the part of created and operating under the laws of Thailand. By the law of Thailand Will control the terms And various conditions Available in specifications And these conditions will not affect the principles Conflict of law If the competent court finds that the provisions of the specification And these conditions are incomplete or unenforceable You agree that other provisions of these terms and conditions will continue to Fully effective You consent, regardless of the opposite applicable law. You are not able to file a petition or cause an act of Or related to or regulations These conditions More than one (1) year after the action occurred

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