Tips to Encourage Learning Among Children

Children are already enthusiastic about telling their tales with great passion, so why not as a parent make the most of it and help them cope and thrive? Not only their minds are quite impressionable, their physical brain is like a sponge for nutrients to power those very functions. These young years are best to work in new learning techniques and improve critical thinking skills with nutrients and supporting growing up milk (eg. Similac Gain) for maximum nourishment.4, 5


Playing pretend has real life benefits

Letting a child play allows them to master independent thinking and choice making. Role playing favorite characters or cartoons allows them to tap into their memory and make logical connections with names, colors, shapes, and sounds. Provide toys and props, and play along by asking questions to help them develop their stories. 1


Never too early for Critical & Logical thinking

Critical and logical thinking improves children’s comprehension of their environment. These skills are built off of daily interactions and making connections (eg. rain + umbrella = to not get wet). Motivate multiple solutions and respect their responses of definition of who, what, when, where, why and how from time to time. Organizing toys or their clothes by color or shape or by theme will help them recall their memory, compare, contrast, and improve thinking skills. Throughout all this, keep your feelings in check because your child is still learning and they will provide answers you do not agree with. Your child’s attitude is a reflection of yours, so resist immediate intervention and always ask for or provide alternate solutions.1, 2


The importance of Good Nutrition

Good food goes hand in hand with  learned behavior. A child that is well nourished with brain supporting nutrients will be better focused and have stable energy levels. Best slots for supporting brain power are Fatty acids, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin C, and Protein. The good news is that these nutrients are already present in your child’s favorite nut snacks, seafood cutlets, bananas, pasta sauces, nut butters in jelly sandwiches, and citrus fruit juices.3, 4


But as children are, they will refuse certain foods if they do not like it. For this parents must find growing up milk alternatives with good nutrition to help  For this Similac Gain has a unique combination of DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid, the fattiest acid to improve brain function, immune cell strength), lutein, and natural vitamin E to support vision and brain development. Talk, teach, learn, and explore together with your child. Social interactions and what they are taught are as important as nutrition when it comes to helping them thrive.

As always, consult a Medical Professional or Child Nutritionist before adding any growing up milk alternatives to their daily nutritional regimen.4, 5


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